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Posted on - 27 June 2022 Waterproofing Contractor by HIGH TECH ROOFING COMPANY

Water tank Waterproofing Singapore

Water tanks in commercial complexes, industries, residential buildings, HDB blocks are usually placed underground or overhead. Therefore there is always, a chance to get water seepage problems through the wall structures.

Especially if the tank is improperly constructed, or simply not waterproof method used, the risk factor is much high. Because leakage and seepage can damage your internal walls, and even result in health complications to the inhabitants.

Timely Waterproofing leakage repairing in an existing water tank is must have process. If is late, it is very difficult to pin point the exact location of the leakage. Water passes through the smallest capillaries, and can be visible or drip through a part of the structure, when in fact the point of leakage is actually somewhere else.

Let’s be prepare before having those water leakage challenges related to water tanks, and the best solution to opt for.

Cementitious waterproofing :

Ease of application is perhaps the biggest advantage of cementitious waterproofing, however, since cement isn’t flexible enough, it’s prone to cracks and leaks.

Liquid waterproofing membrane :

Suited for all types of roof surfaces such as flat, dome-shaped and pitched roof.

Bituminous membrane waterproofing :

Great for residential and commercial spaces but it must be handled with care as the bitumen is combustible at high temperatures.

Polyurethane waterproofing :

Compared to other waterproofing systems, Polyurethane waterproofing doesn’t require as much skill or supervision and is rather easy to install and can resist water, oils and other chemicals.

Serious home repairs such as water tank leaks should never be ignored. They can cause an unbelievable amount of damage, and the adage, “a stitch in time saves nine” is very relevant to the situation. Waterproofing gives home owners long-standing peace of mind, and protects homes.

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