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We HIGHTECH ROOFING & WATERPROOFING CONTRACTORS provide most kind of services like across different structures such as flat roofs, sloping roofs, and metal roofings. Some of these are cementitious coatings which are used to promote durability and polyurethane coatings that have the capability of resisting hydrostatic water pressure.

Since we do with many contractual works we offer these services in construction of residential and commercial buildings. That’s why today, our services offered are torch-on membrane, liquid-applied membrane, and polyurethane foam. These are, among others, Repair of roof leakage, Application of impervious coatings, Concrete roofs and Flat roofs. They are torch-on membrane, liquid applied membrane and impermeable coating which one is we are going to choose? If you wish to get a professional touch and want your home’s roofs repaired effectively and efficiently. It is also a key area to choose the most competent and reliable company.

In the process of construction, and the existence of leak issues at the home roof, neglecting or avoiding such issues will only get worse as time goes. Often, by the point when you observe damage in your residence, the damage could have already proceeded.

According to Building & Construction Authority in Singapore, all buildings in Singapore, except for detached, semi-detached, terraced or linked houses which are used for residential purposes and temporary buildings need to be inspected at regular intervals by professional engineers in accordance to Section 28 of the Building Control Act. 

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Choose the leading local company in roof replacement, roof coating, and roof leakage repair. Our company is into concrete repair and roof restoration services.

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Singapore Waterproofing Specialist and Reputable Contractor. We specialised in structural failures, water leaks, wall seepage, degradation, and ad hoc swimming pool repairs, among other things.

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There is an increased r-value in metal roofs compared to asphalt shingles in such climates to give more wind resistance. As metal there is no way it is likely that it will develop mould and corrosion.


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All our workers are closely monitored by our onsite supervisors for best relationship with all our clients.
We do after-work routine checks with our clients to make sure the reliability of our projects as well.
We provide professional roof repairing works and roof leakage maintenance works for your existing roofing problems in Singapore.

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Singapore’s best and most reliable roof waterproofing company. In fact the existing clients have acknowledged us to be one of the best roofing contractors and waterproofing specialists. Thus, we are proud of ourselves to offer you the best Roof repair contractor solutions!

Essentially, the question, which roof is the best roof in Singapore? Thus, it is possible to stipulate that the cheapest type of roof is the one which is created from the shingles.

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Professional and Reliable Waterproofing specialist Singapore. We specialized on Structural failures, Water leakages, Deterioration, Wall Seepage, Swimming pool waterproofing works etc.,

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Find the best Roof leakage repair services, Waterproofing contractor, Roof replacement, Roof leak repairing company. We are HIGH TECH ROOFING which deals with all form of roof restoration. Quality Roofing Services in a cheap price Guaranteed.


The roof waterproofing service charges within Singapore range from S$200 to S$20,000 and this cost dictates the size of the rooftop to be servicd.

Usually, Roof Waterproofing services in Singapore refers to construction and maintenance tasks on the roofs which includes the use of a protective barrier on the outer surface of a roof to prevent water leakage. It also serves as a raincoat to the herbal plant against other similar circumstances such as rain evaporation. Anywhere the structure can be directly subjected to rain, then only the roofs have to be made and maintained using correct roofing processes.

The commonly associated with roof waterproofing services may also be used to buildings erected on a s Lo Young sloping land since they shall help eliminate water seepage problems within the entire building structure. Secondly, waterproofing processes increase inter and exterior looks of the building because acting to the structure gives attractive outlook.

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