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Basement Waterproofing Tips

Posted on - 23 April 2022 Waterproofing Contractor by HIGH TECH ROOFING COMPANY

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Main issue for need of Basement Waterproofing : Most of the time, the environmental moisture or ground water or even leakage of pipes are responsible for damp basement. The level of moisture is always depends on environmental seasons. It increases in rainy and winter seasons. During winter seasons, because of fog! Here, the challenge is to stop absorption of moisture or water by basement walls and floors.

Solution: One of the best waterproofing solutions to stop absorption of water through floors is to call waterproofing expert like HIGHTECH ROOFING CONTRACTORS in SINGAPORE. Because it is important to inspect the level of moisture in soil for right and long lasting solution. As far as basement walls are concerned, apply best watertite waterproofing paint on exteriors to prevent damp, efflorescence, mildew etc.

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Land Sloping: Land sloping in the direction of your home is the easiest path for water to raise issues. In this case, gravitational force helps water to penetrate into basement walls.

Basement Windows: It has been noticed various times basement windows are responsible for such problems. Consequently, ensure window sealing during construction. This will prevent rain water to come inside and stop further problem.

Condensation: Poor ventilation are also responsible for moisture on basement walls. The issue starts playing role when interior’s temperature becomes higher than exterior or vice versa. Use dehumidifier in hot weather. In winters, simply heat the basement. For preventing condensation, you can also insulate water-pipes.